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Pablo Parra | Skin Care


Design + Production


Website, photography, email, postcard, business cards, brochure and stationery.


Pablo is a skin care professional base in San Francisco, CA. He had the need of a website to promote his services, take appointments, and answer the most common questions for his new clients. He had a very clear idea of how his website should look, and the way he wanted to be perceived. He wanted a beautiful and elegant page, where his clients could feel identify.


The design for his website and stationery was simple, but elegant. The concept was clean, fresh, and modern. But I wanted to truly represent Pablo’s as faithful as possible in every design element. So we asked to his clients to pose for us, so all photos were actual Pablo’s clients. We set up several photo shoot sessions in his clinic, on actual appointments, capturing on each photo the magic that we were looking for.


Live link to Pablo Parra-Skin Care.

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